Advanced Television

Piksel selects DLVR optimisation

September 12, 2017

DLVR, a video delivery optimisation provider, has announced that Piksel, a global player in building successful online video businesses, will be integrating DLVR’s services into their digital media offerings. DLVR provides Internet video publishers a new way to take advantage of multiple CDNs, routing traffic to the best network based on DLVR’s real-time, individual stream optimisation and the publisher’s business rules.

DLVR measures the performance of individual streams in real-time to detect and mitigate network slowdowns before they impact the viewing experience. DLVR’s predictive analytics help publishers head off catastrophes large or small, from buffering to total event outages.

“We’re very excited to offer DLVR’s video delivery optimization to our worldwide customers,” said Paul Mardling, VP of Strategy at Piksel. “Working with DLVR, Piksel customers will see higher bit rate video starts, less buffering, and consistently higher quality streams from first frame to last.”

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