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LiveU powers BILD live multi-platform content

October 11, 2017

Best-selling German tabloid newspaper BILD has turned to video transport technologist LiveU to stream live video content across multiple platforms. Already experienced with video, BILD wanted to expand into live video, with more advanced technology than it had been using before.

“We at BILD saw very early that web-hosted video is important for both delivering news and entertaining our readers/viewers,” explained Moritz Wedel, Chief Anchor BILD. “Video has become a permanent fixture of our coverage, equal with text and photos. The next step for us was to move into live video because the web is perfect for this. When we broadcast live, we do so simultaneously to, Facebook and YouTube.” BILD considered the more traditional SNG route to generating live video as too slow to deploy and expensive.

“We are seeing significantly increased usage of our technology by a huge range of media companies,” noted Ronen Artman, VP of Marketing with LiveU. “We’re very pleased that a paper with the reach of BILD, and one that so quickly realised the power of video, is using our technology. It’s clear that it’s helping to position their business for the future as the use of live video is only going to grow.”

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