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Spacecom signs for 2 SpaceX launches

October 19, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Israel’s AMOS satellite operator, Spacecom, says it has ordered two launches from SpaceX.

SpaceX will take care of the launch of Amos-17 in 2019, and Amos-8 in late 2020. The first launch is a firm contract while the second is currently an option.

Amos-6 was lost in a catastrophic explosion in September 2016 when a SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket which was undergoing pre-launch preparations exploded.

Spacecom, in its filing to Israel’s stock exchange, says it is paying $50 million for the first launch (Amos-17) and the option on the second planned launch (for Amos-8) will cost $62 million. The discounted price comes about because of the Amos-6 explosion, and covers the probability of using one of SpaceX’s ‘pre-flown’ Falcon 9 first stages.

Amos-17 is under construction by Boeing and replaces the failed Amos-5 satellite which suffered problems in 2015.

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