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CNN in trouble with Russia again

October 23, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Only days after resolving a technical spat with Russia over alleged “violations” of the country’s media legislation, CNN is again in potential hot water.

This time the problems come from Russia’s parliamentary Senators who have drawn up a ‘blacklist’ of US media and a counterpoint to the troubles being faced internationally by the Kremlin-backed RT-Russia Today channel.

RT and fellow-news channel ‘Sputnik’ are facing increased criticism for their propaganda and lack of balance and in particular alleged problems over voting irregularities in the US presidential election last year.

CNN is not alone. Also in Moscow’s sights are Voice of America and Radio Liberty, according to Russian news agency RBC. However, news outlets such as The New York Times and the Washington Post could also be at risk, said the London Times newspaper.

Not helping diplomatic relations is that the US Department of Justice has demanded that RT register itself under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, a requirement brought in back in 1938 to combat Nazi propaganda and never repealed.

Russia’s powerful foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has reportedly threatened to take proportional action against US channels.

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