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Netflix 4K on Comcast Xfinity X1

November 1, 2017

Just in time for Season 2 of Stranger Things, US cable MSO Comcast has confirmed the availability of Netflix 4K programming on its Xfinity X1 platform. Xfinity customers on 4K-capable X1 devices can now browse and enjoy Netflix 4K movies and shows alongside the live, on demand, DVR and web programming included with their Xfinity TV subscription.

“We remain focused on providing our customers high-quality entertainment experiences across platforms, which includes easy access to the best 4K programming,” said Brynn Lev, Vice President, Editorial and Programming, Content Strategy and Operations, Comcast Cable. “We are thrilled to make the popular Netflix catalogue of 4K programming available to X1 customers and will continue to rapidly expand the UHD programming choices available on the platform.”

Integrated throughout the X1 platform, customers can seamlessly browse and access Netflix’s entire 4K library, featuring over 1200 hours of original films, documentaries, specials and series in pristine 4K picture quality.

For Xfinity TV customers with a compatible X1 device, a Netflix Premium subscription and 4K-compatible TV, accessing Netflix 4K programming will be seamless. Netflix recommends an Internet connection speed of at least 25 megabits per second to stream 4K titles, and Xfinity X1 customers will need the XG1v4 set-top box. If a movie or TV show is available in 4K, the default playback will be in 4K. Future phases of 4K content on X1 will include search and discovery with the voice remote, editorialised collections within Xfinity On Demand and the option to choose a playback method (4K, HD, etc.) by programme.

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