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AS Roma introduces future of digital video with SmartReplay

November 21, 2017

Sports clubs’ competition is now taking place on the digital field. This weekend, the Italian football club got one step ahead by launching a series of SmartReplay interactive videos that let fans make their own highlights.

AS Roma fans can now make their own highlights in a new video experience called SmartReplay. When the SmartReplay video starts, many options appear (“goals”, “chances”, “interviews”). Users are asked to choose among these options. For every choice made, a video adapted to users’ interests plays automatically.

Supporters can choose among several menus and submenus to compose their own highlights without openning new tabs or new players.

“Empowering fans”

“Supporters don’t want a passive experience. They want to control when, where and how they consume digital content” says Paul Rogers, Head of Digital at AS Roma. “We believe in empowering fans in their content consumption and we’ve found in SmartReplay a company that thinks the same way”.

SmartReplay takes our passive approach of content consumption and makes it a more active experience thanks to an intuitive and organized video player.

For Yacine Sahnoune, CEO of French startup SmartReplay, “We tackle challenges that both users and content producers are facing”. On the one hand, “users want to get proper information in no time while preferring mobile and video formats”. On the other hand “producers need now more than ever to retain their audience while knowing their users’ interests and behavior”.

Fives videos watched per user

According to the CEO of SmartReplay, “the product generates retention and addiction”. A case study led with AS Roma shows that “users watch an average of 5 videos per session, 20% of the audience comes back to the same SmartReplay, and 65% watch content they wouldn’t watch without SmartReplay – for example interviews, debates, analyses, reactions videos”.

“It shows that SmartReplay is a great tool to promote content that is less efficient on traditional platforms”.

Thanks to the SmartReplay platform, producers can make SmartReplays in 5 minutes and track their audience’s behavior in real time. AS Roma football club will be able to track its fans’ interests in order to improve its digital content strategy.

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