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Service Bioscoop Hollywoud installs RealD Ultimate Screen

December 4, 2017

Global visual technology company RealD Inc. has announced that Service Bioscoop Hollywoud, Almkerk, Netherlands, have installed the RealD Ultimate Screen in all 4 of their cinema auditoriums, making them the first complex in the world to have the Ultimate Screen in every auditorium.

The RealD Ultimate Screen is a revolutionary, highly sophisticated, scientifically engineered screen that delivers incredible images in both 2D and 3D formats. It delivers the ultimate cinema experience for moviegoers. It is 85 per cent more light efficient than a standard Silver Screen, producing a sharper, brighter and clearer image. Thé screen is engineered so there is a consistent surface texture; creating a beautifully sharp, perfectly coloured, clean and precise image with high stereo contrast.

“RealD is thrilled to partner with Service Bioscoop Hollywoud to bring their customers a high quality visual experience with the RealD Ultimate Screen said Roger Harris, Managing Director – RealD Europe. “Increased light levels across the whole screen will create an optimum screen experience for every customer”. He added. “We’re proud to partner with Service Bioscoop Hollywoud, a company focused on delivering a quality cinematic experience that prioritises the enjoyment of their customers by installing the industry’s brightest 3D systems and screens available,”

Laban Duijnhouwer, CEO of Service Bioscoop Hollywoud, commented: “We continue to be proud of our successful partnership with RealD, focusing on the highest quality of visual experience for our customers. This is the first cinema with ultimate screens in the world, bringing the cinema experience to  the audience in terms of contrast, brightness and uniformity of projection.

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