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ETSI launches new spec group on AR

December 5, 2017

ETSI has launched a new Industry Specification Group called Augmented Reality Framework (ISG ARF). This new group aims to synchronise efforts and identify key use cases and scenarios for developing an Augmented Reality (AR) framework with relevant components and interfaces. It will provide technical requirements for AR specifications in order to ensure interoperable implementations that will benefit both technology providers and end-users.

The group held its kick-off meeting on November 30th and December 1st 2017, and elected Muriel Deschanel from b<>com as chair of the group and Ralf Schäfer from Fraunhofer HHI as the vice chair. The work of the ISG will start with an analysis of the AR standards landscape, the analysis of use case requirements and obstacles, and the development of a framework architecture.

“There are huge differences in AR applications but mapping digital information with the real world implies the use of a set of common components offering functionalities such as tracking, registration, pose estimation, localisation, 3D reconstruction or data injection. The development of such a framework will allow components from different providers to interoperate through the defined interfaces.” Said Deschanel, chair of the ISG ARF. “This will in turn avoid the creation of vertical siloes and market fragmentation and enable players in the eco-system to offer parts of an overall AR solution.”

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