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SoftAtHome innovates in the energy sector for a better control of home consumption

January 2, 2018

SoftAtHome, the software provider for operators enabling convergent services for the digital home, is proud to announce that its software for the digital home now equips Direct Energie’s Maestro smart-meter solution.

Maestro was launched in France in February 2017 and has become the market reference for smart energy in France.

For Direct Energie, the third largest player on the French energy market, SoftAtHome has delivered a complete end-to-end software solution. This smart platform is a hub connected both to the internet and to the Linky electric meter. Maestro brings back control to the end-users over their energy consumption, thanks to several features. It provides a real-time picture at home, making it easier to follow a budget and have an accurate view of energy consumption. End-users can choose to receive alerts when reaching certain levels of consumption. A Personalised analysis of energy consumption is also available.

Maestro is designed as a tablet equipped with touch screen and a smartphone charger to deliver several services around smart-metering. SoftAtHome has developed Maestro’s embedded software, as well as a back end, to store and analyse data consumption. It enables Direct Energie to introduce an Artificial Intelligence algorithms to provide recommendations to optimize energy consumption, mixing data consumption with external information such as weather forecasts.

“It is in Direct Energie’s DNA to place customers at the heart of the energy revolution” said Xavier Caïtucoli, Chairman and CEO of Direct Energie. “Until recently, customers were not informed for instance of how much it costs to simply flip on a switch. But with this new generation of services, customers are truly empowered and be an active part in today’s energy transition. Thanks to SoftAtHome’s expertise in data analytics and its software powering our Maestro In-Home-Display, we are really opening a new era in energy consumption.”

“By launching a smart Hub such as Maestro, Direct Energie becomes more than an energy provider: it starts to provide services within the home,” said David Viret-Lange, CEO of SoftAtHome. “We are very excited to work with this great energy player to help them bring control over energy consumption within the home back to the end-user that can start taking steps to reduce energy consumption.”

SoftAtHome will be present again this year at CES in Las Vegas. Contact us to meet our team in Suite 31-216, Venetian and experience Direct Energie’s Maestro solution during CES 2018.

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