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Intelsat contracts with Arianespace for double launch

January 10, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Intelsat will use Arianespace for a pair of high-profile satellite launches. One of the satellites, the snappily named Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-2) is the so-called ‘Space Tug’ being developed by builders Orbital-ATK and its Space Logistics subsidiary.

MEV-2 will be owned by Space Logistics, and its first customer will be Intelsat. Intelsat will use MEV-2 (and its predecessor MEV-1) to rescue, refuel and/or move ailing satellites whilst in orbit. The MEV-2 craft provides life-extending services by taking over the orbit maintenance and attitude control functions of a client’s spacecraft.

MEV-2 will be carried within the same rocket fairing with Intelsat’s Galaxy-30 craft as a stacked pair. Galaxy-30 is also being built by Orbital ATK.

Launch of this par will be in “early 2020” says Intelsat.  Intelsat has also booked a flight with Arianespace for later in 2020.

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