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ITN Productions produces Netflix Originals Drug Lords series

January 12, 2018

Drug Lords, a docu-drama series produced by Oscar-nominated ITN Productions, will launch globally on Netflix on January 19th.

The series reveals the true stories behind the rise, reign, and fall of the world’s most infamous drug lords, from Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar to “American Gangster” Frank Lucas, one of the most notorious gangsters in US history.

Told by the men and women directly involved in the cases themselves –the cops, crooks, and closest associates on either side of the law— each hour of Drug Lords provides an unprecedented 360° perspective on the world’s most notorious narcos and their tragically violent rule.

The 8 episodes take an intimate look at some of the most feared and ruthless criminals across the world, bringing their stories to life with unprecedented access and dramatic recreations of the key events in the rise and fall of these infamous gangsters.

The first four episodes drop on January 19th and the final four later in the year.

Ian Russell, Head of International Programming, ITN Productions said: “This is a hugely ambitious series that proves that real life stories are often even more extreme and dramatic than fiction. Our production team spent more than a year working on this series which involved seeking out people who have spent their life in the shadows – and then persuading them to tell us about their lives.”

Michael Welsh, Vice President TV Production and Development, ITN Productions said: “We were delighted that Netflix could see the potential of this series that’s both shocking and compelling.”

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