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Avanti suffers another delay on Hylas 4

March 19, 2018

By Chris Forrester

As previously reported, Avanti Communications has confirmed that its long-awaited Hylas 4 satellite has a new – as yet unconfirmed – launch date in April. It had been expected to launch on March 21st.

An official statement from London-based Avanti said: “Avanti has been advised by Arianespace of a delay to the launch of its Hylas 4 satellite which will not have a material effect on the Hylas 4 in-service date. Avanti anticipates a revised launch date in early April and expects to be able to confirm a fixed launch date shortly.”

Hylas 4 is a speciality High Throughput Ka-band satellite, built by Orbital-ATK of Virginia, and should double Avanti’s capacity over Africa and the Middle East.

Hylas 4 is the ‘junior’ cargo in the launch mission. The heavier Superbird-8, for SkyPerfect JSAT of Japan (and also known as Superbird B3) is the primary cargo. This Superbird was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and will go to 162 degrees East.

Avanti needs the revenues to start from its new craft. It is not now likely to enter service much before July and this means further pressure on Avanti’s fast-shrinking cash reserves. Moody’s Investor Services has already withdrawn all ratings on Avanti, as has Standard & Poor’s.

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