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Screenwriters welcome reformed Audiovisual directive

April 27, 2018

The Society of Audiovisual Authors has welcomed the agreement between the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission on the reform of EU rules governing audiovisual media services. It thanks policy makers for their willingness to lay down new rules to adapt the European framework to the emergence of digital platforms.

SAA said it welcomes in particular two significant steps forward which are crucial to foster cultural diversity in the European audiovisual industry in the digital era:

Firstly, the introduction of a minimum quota of 30 per cent of European works in video-on-demand catalogues – which reflects the reality in most Member States -and the guarantee that those works can be easily discovered and promoted. The quota will encourage more promotion and visibility of European audiovisual authors’ works on video-on-demand services across the European Union.

Secondly, allowing Member States to require financial contributions (direct and indirect investment in works) from all audiovisual media services (broadcasters and on-demand services) established in their territory and in other Member States but targeting their audience. Such a rule will contribute to better funding local and European creations, grow the value of the audiovisual sector and promote cultural diversity.

“We welcome that European decision-makers have reached a good agreement that adapts the Audiovisual Media Services Directive to the digital environment. We hope that the EU institutions will act with equal ambition when reforming the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and provide audiovisual authors with a right to remuneration for on-demand exploitation. This is the next step if Europe really wants to create fair rules in the digital era” said Cécile Despringre, SAA Executive Director.

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