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OWNZONES launches OWNZONES Connect

May 22, 2018

It’s a whole new world for studios and rights owners, thanks to OWNZONES Media Network, which is revolutionizing the creation and distribution of digital content as we know it. The OTT EntTech company, which launched its groundbreaking OWNZONES Connect in January of 2018, has added several innovations to the cloud-based platform and has broadened its application, creating a truly end-to-end solution from content creation to content management and distribution.

The result is a dramatic time and cost savings that is changing the digital game for OWNZONES’ clients.

Among the newest OWNZONES Connect innovations are two new features – Cloud ProRes Previewer & ProRes Based IMF Packaging – a first for the industry as they bring a post-production solution for ProRes video editing of IMF packages in the cloud. Now customers with entire libraries of content mastered in ProRes format can leverage the power of IMF without incurring massive conversion costs. Customers will continue to have the option to convert to J2K-based IMF packages, if needed. 

By utilizing the OWNZONES Connect cloud solution, which incorporates OWNZONES’ proprietary parallel scaling technology, ProRes files are simply “wrapped” in IMF-specific packaging, ready for distribution. The process happens entirely in the cloud, in record time and at a fraction of potential competing solutions.

OWNZONES has also expanded the scope of its OWNZONES Connect tools by integrating them into its development of consumer video applications for clients. This allows content creators to cut costs and manage content discovery by leveraging OWNZONES’ app framework no matter what technology they are currently using. Among the biggest highlights touted as part of integration are:

·     A choice of ready-to-use design templates that can have an app quickly up and running based on the most effective layout for the client’s target audience.

·     The ability to instantly localize an app to multiple regions by simply selecting them from the console, eliminating the need to develop different apps for each language. All major world cities included. Plus, geo-restriction options to prevent access by regions where content is not licensed or available.

·     A cloud-based data warehouse and analytics integrations, which allow OWNZONES to create a better experience for users and gain insights around content performance and trends.

As the post-production processing continues to migrate to the cloud, OWNZONES is taking a leadership position in introducing many cloud-based features with its proprietary platform, OWNZONES Connect. With years of research invested in the platform, OWNZONES Connect is designed to conform and distribute digital content in the most efficient and streamlined way possible to all devices. It also acts as a post house in the cloud with state-of-the-art features in editing, conversion and encoding, motion graphics, sound mixing and editing.

More specifically, OWNZONES Connect features an array of capabilities that work in conjunction with each other to create the ultimate post house in the cloud for IMF. This includes the Cloud IMF transcoder, the Native Cloud CPL Builder, Cloud-based CPL Source Previewer, Cloud-based IMF Playback, Supplemental Packager and Elastic Parallel Transcoding.

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