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India: DEN seeks to boost HD subs

June 14, 2018

By Chris Forrester

DEN Networks CEO SN Sharma says the Indian cable giant is committed to convert 10 per cent of its subscribers to high-definition from standard-definition within the next year.

Sharma, speaking on an analysts call, said that DEN currently had 7.4 million paid digital subscribers, but only about 100,000 viewing HD transmissions.

He added that what was now helping the target was the falling cost of suitable set-top boxes which had dropped in price from Rs4,000-5,000 ($60-$74) to about $22-$24, and this would help HD penetration.

Currently, the DEN strategy is to replace older STBs as they fall out of warranty, as well as to use new HD STBs as the cable network expands into new areas.

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