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Samsung wants 8K standards set

June 29, 2018

By Chris Forrester

A senior executive at Samsung’s Visual Display business says it’s time to start establishing common standards for 8K broadcasting.

Currently, it is only Japan that’s making the running in 8K transmissions although plenty of content-producers are making 8K programming, mainly in the natural history and documentary areas. Japan will start full 8K broadcasts on December 1st.

David Jung, a senior engineer at Samsung’s Picture Differentiation Lab, Samsung Visual Display business, and speaking at the annual QLED & Advanced Display Summit in Hollywood, said all industry stakeholders needed to be involved.

“We feel we have to sufficiently explain to industry players in the ecosystem, and most importantly, the consumers, the value proposition of 8K,” he said. “4K distribution beat market expectations, but we feel now in retrospect we could have done better in setting standards and educating customers in such things as UHD and HDR (high dynamic range).”

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