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EE data: England fans stream in the sun

July 11, 2018

EE data from the England vs Sweden World Cup game on July 7th saw fans use mobile to make sure they didn’t miss out, even if they were on the beach.

The heat wave has driven people to the coasts – but that hasn’t stopped them watching the football. Some of the biggest peaks on the EE network came from coastal holiday towns like Brighton, Newquay, Anglesey, and even a few in the Outer Hebrides, as fans enjoy the beach and the football to get the best of both worlds.

The data also shows that London was a hub of activity as people streamed the match on their phones while out celebrating Pride, or watching in the parks.

The signs are that not a lot of fans in Scotland and Ireland are watching England’s journey to the semi-finals.

So what will the historic semi-final game look like tonight? “We’ll see another all-time peak on the network,” says EE Mobile Director, Matt Stagg. “Every game has driven more and more interest, and this will the same. But the locations will be different tonight – we’re back to a mid-week game, so there will be fewer fans watching from the beach, and more on their commute, or enjoying the evening sun in parks and recreational areas. And if the game goes to penalties, even the people who didn’t tune in for the whole game will switch on to catch the drama.”

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