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Songtradr introduces music distribution service

July 25, 2018

Songtradr, the music licensing platform, has announced a unified, digital distribution service which allows artists to deliver music to over 200 streaming and download services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and Deezer.

Songtradr is a music licensing marketplace with over 200,000 artists and catalogues, and now has the ability to provide licensing customers, music and artist demographic data, delivering deeper insights and the unique ability to match product and music audiences.

Artists can now use Songtradr to manage their music assets all from a single platform, removing the need to manage multiple platforms for content and rights management, licensing, and to get their music onto streaming and download services. Songtradr’s digital distribution service collects and distributes 100 percent of the royalties from streaming and downloads directly to artists and any other participating rights-holders. The service is provided for free with the existing Songtradr Pro subscription ($4.95 per month).

Customers looking to license music from artists for advertising, film, TV or other projects, will be able to select music based on artists’ demographic metadata collected from digital platforms. This data will allow brands and filmmakers the unique ability to match the demographics of any music they license with the audience demographics of their product.

“Bundling digital distribution with our existing content and rights management tools and licensing marketplace is an important step toward our goal of providing independent artists with access to all of the essential tools and services they need to manage their music from a single platform,” said Paul Wiltshire, founder and CEO of Songtradr. “We’re committed to ensuring artists are compensated fairly for their work, and Songtradr’s business model ensures artists receive 100 percent of any income generated from the streaming and download platforms we distribute to, while retaining control of their rights.”

The digital distribution service was soft-launched to Songtradr’s existing artists earlier this month, and over 3,000 album and single releases have already been created since.

Wiltshire added, “We believe introducing digital distribution as a service is highly complementary to our existing licensing business, and in particular, will provide our clients in the advertising business a new level of intelligence and trust. This will go a long way in helping to drive new opportunities, and more compensation for artists worldwide.”

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