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EU film creatives want Copyright Directive delivered

September 3, 2018

During the 75th Venice International Film Festival, some 165 screenwriters and directors across Europe have come together in the “Venice Declaration” to call on the European Parliament to adopt legislation that puts authors at the heart of copyright and of the European cultural and creative industries, including online.

On September 12th, the members of the European Parliament will adopt the Parliament’s position on the draft Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. After several delays, this vote is the last chance for a final adoption of this Directive before the European elections. It will determine the future for audiovisual authors.

In a collective statement, those backing the Directive said: “We, audiovisual authors, absolutely need this Directive to be adopted on time: to ensure freedom of expression and independence of creators as well as authors’ rights. The principle of fair and proportionate remuneration, improved measures on the transparency of the exploitation and contract adjustment mechanism will make a big difference. With these provisions, the Directive will improve our position in the industry.”

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