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Concurrent Containerized solutions powering Qvest.Cloud

September 17, 2018

Concurrent Technology, a Vecima Company, the global player in media delivery and storage solutions for content owners, broadcasters and service providers, and Qvest Media, a global systems architects and ICT integrators for broadcast and media technology, have signed a global reseller agreement and that Concurrent’s containerized transcoding solution has been selected by Qvest Media for use within the newly unveiled Qvest.Cloud service. As part of the Qvest.Cloud service, transcoding workloads will run in compute agnostic software instances across a full range of environments: dedicated servers, private clouds, and public clouds. As part of the new Partner Agreement between the two companies, Qvest Media will incorporate Concurrent’s CDN, Transcoding and Storage solutions into projects throughout the EMEA and APAC regions. Together, Qvest Media and Concurrent will enable flexible cloud-centric operations for Broadcasters and Content Owners to manage and deliver their content, and improve the costs and scalability of OTT services as more consumers switch to OTT services.

“We are delighted to be working with Qvest Media as they roll out a world-class service with the Qvest.Cloud offering,” said Ryan Nicometo, SVP Product and Customer Architecture at Concurrent. “Our newly announced MediaScaleX™ platform is really about offering unparalleled deployment flexibility and scalability to content and service providers. To reliably deliver on the promise of a solution like Qvest.Cloud, these things become critical.”

Paul Martin, Concurrent’s VP Engagement, Media & Entertainment adds, “I’m excited that Concurrent and Qvest Media share a vision of the workflow and technology transformation required to operate at scale, cost-effectively, for CDN-based media consumption. As Broadcasters look to a future where CDN-based delivery for what we are currently calling “OTT” is likely to be the primary delivery method to consumers, our collective expertise will help our customers to make the right investment choices.”

“We are looking forward to having Concurrent’s solutions integrated in Qvest.Cloud right from the start of our management platform which is currently under development”, says Thomas Müller, General Manager at Qvest Media. “We anticipate a rapidly expanding streaming sector and together with our new partner, we are convinced that we can offer innovative and high-performance cloud-based services to serve this market”, he concludes.

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