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Sensethefuture Pictures to join the UK Trade Mission at MIPCOM 2018

October 8, 2018

Sensethefuture Pictures announced today that it is extending its activities as it joins the UK Trade Mission to MIPCOM on 15th October 2018 organised by the Department of International Trade in the United Kingdom. The Department for International Trade is a United Kingdom government department responsible for striking and extending trade agreements between the United Kingdom and non-EU states. The department was created by Prime Minister Theresa May, shortly after she took office on 13 July 2016, following the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union.

Thanks to the strengthening of its Research and Development outputs and in developing “Unique Storytelling for Meaningful Television” that connects people and brands in meaningful ways, the company also aims to adapt novels for television and to dedicate part of its pipeline to producing scripted content.

Teresa Potocka, Sensethefuture Pictures CEO and Founder, comments: “We are working on a formula to drive profitable consumer action that will be applied through fusing Interactive TV and Social Content.”

Sensethefuture Pictures is attending MIPCOM 2018 to meet producers, investors, and distributors looking for human interest programming for Sensethefuture, and partners to carry out the work it needs to deliver as an international production and communications business.

The company has rebranded as Sensethefuture Pictures after Sensethefuture Pictures CEO and Founder, Teresa Potocka, pivoted the business. Sensethefuture Pictures currently operates under The Potocki Communications Company umbrella alongside Sensethefuture. The decision to rebrand reflects the need to respond to competitors transforming the media landscape; the name marks a renewed focus on future oriented TV programme development for the organisation. Sensethefuture Pictures will continue to produce communications fused with storytelling that are both entertaining and thought-provoking and to develop hybrid factual programmes and formats that have global appeal.

Sensethefuture is being developed as a content discovery platform and specialist service for a millennial audience who seek better discovery of the human stories they love to watch as they work, shop and play. The channel service will primarily operate in the Benelux region. The strategy is to grow the team once the company has completed the next phase of fundraising for the service, to secure new partnerships, and to present new products/titles specific to human interest programmes that are based on true stories.

Teresa Potocka, Sensethefuture Pictures CEO and Founder, said: “The service will also help broadcasters gain better insight into what their customers want, enabling them to offer more tailored content promotions and additional services that satisfy customers’ desires, sync with their behaviour and match their spend.”

Teresa Potocka, Sensethefuture Pictures CEO and Founder, added: “The Potocki name has a long heritage. It is sensible to have a new identity that supports our long-term vision and reflects what Sensethefuture Pictures does through applied futurology. I’d also like to continue to think of Sensethefuture as being the black swan of OTT, inspired by the assumption at one time that all swans were white, before a black variety was found in the wild.”

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