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Spaniards ‘dissatisfied’ with pay-TV; Yomvi leads OTT

October 19, 2018

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Pay-TV is the worst rated service in Spain with 18.6 per cent households dissatisfied with it, according to a report from media regulator CNMC.

Despite the fact that more and more Spaniards watch pay TV, with 6.1 million pay TV homes in the country, the dissatisfaction with the service(s) is higher than that in electricity and broadband – the sectors that traditionally draw the largest number of complaints.

The high price and the low quality of pay TV are the main reasons for the dissatisfaction. One out of three homes complains about the high fees while one out of five about the low quality.

According to CNMC, three out of ten Internet homes in Spain have OTT services, with Yomvi (or Movistar+) leading the market with 2.16 million homes (13.5 per cent homes), followed by Netflix with 1.5 million (9.1 per cent homes), Vodafone online with 5.9 per cent homes and Amazon Prime Video with 3.5 per cent.

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