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We are IT Philippines, Forsway partner for WiFi project

November 8, 2018

Forsway, a global specialist of innovative solutions for providing broadband services to underserved regions via satellite, is partnering with We are IT Philippines/WIT Philsat for their first joint project in the Philippines. The two companies are combining their expertise to help DICT facilitate and deliver on roll-out of the “Juan Konek Free Wi-Fi in Public Places Project”. Forsway and WIT PhilSat are furnishing the government-sponsored project with rapid deployment of cost-efficient satellite broadband services and expertise from WIT PhilSat, enabled by next generation Odin F-50 satellite routers from Forsway and IPSTAR satellite capacity.

The partners are providing tools and technology enabling the Philippines’ aim to close the digital divide. Roll-out has started with the first sites in the southern island of Mindanao – with the project aimed at enhancing Internet accessibility for Filipinos to accelerate economic, social and educational opportunities and supporting an “Internet for all” strategy.

Free public Wi-Fi is being made available in public plazas and parks; public libraries, schools, colleges and universities; rural health units and government hospitals; train stations, airports, and seaports; and national and local government offices.

Joseph P. Maddatu, CEO, WIT PhilSat, “As the leading provider of satellite broadband services in the Philippines, WIT Philsat is extremely pleased to be a part of this important initiative aimed at enriching the livelihood of millions nationwide. We are committed to delivering the quality services that will enable DICT to provide internet access and a better quality of life for today and tomorrow.”

“We have chosen to partner with Forsway on this benchmark project based on the business benefits of Forsway’s high performance satellite modem. Forsway’s robust technology will help us provide quick deployment and furnish cost-effective satellite broadband services for meeting the demands of our very critical portion of the expansive government project.

Tobias Forsell, Managing Director at Forsway,” In our first commercial deployment with PhilSat, we are excited to deliver the Forsway Odin F-50 high performance satellite router to furnish enhanced service delivery for public services. Our mission is to enable broadband services for billions of users globally still lacking sufficient internet access and help bridge the digital divide in many regions. We are proud to be a part of this exciting initiative in the Philippines.”

Forsway’s unique, next generation Odin F-50 router technology combines existing terrestrial technologies with satellite to provide highly cost-efficient broadband, with a core focus on serving hard to reach markets.

The new “Free Wi-Fi in Public Places” service will be available 24/7 and will use Hotspot 2.0 technology throughout the network. According to DICT, use of managed services sourced as service subscriptions from the private sector will be the primary means of implementing the project.

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