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1 in 3 Spanish homes pay for online content

November 16, 2018

An increasing number of Spanish households are consuming content online according to the latest data from the CNMC Household Panel covering the second quarter of 2018. Forty-four per cent of individuals admit weekly consumption, 10 points more than two years ago. Short videos and series episodes are the preferred online content.

More than half of the individuals who watch online use platforms to watch on-demand television programs over the Internet. YouTube is the most used means of watching TV on demand, (55 per cent), followed by Atresplayer (35 per cent) and (30 per cent).

The CNMC also notes the growth of payment platforms: one in three households with Internet access is a user of one of these streaming video services. Movistar + (2.2 million user households), Netflix (2 million), Vodafone TV online (950,000) or the Orange TV App (741,000) head the preferred platforms.

As for preferred ways viewing the different content, the option of à la carte is preferred for episodes of series (54 per cent) and movies (50 per cent), while the Spanish prefer to see live events (86 per cent) and news (75 per cent).

The smartphone continues to be the preferred device among individuals who use the Internet at least weekly: 86 per cent used it to access the Internet, compared to laptops (54 per cent), desktop computers (40 per cent) and tablets (35 per cent). The CNMC also notes the increase in the use of television to access the Internet, with 44 per cent growth over two years.

These results are part of the Panel de Hogares CNMC, a semi-annual survey of households and individuals. The survey of this wave was carried out in the second quarter of 2018 and included 4,759 households and 8,880 individuals.

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