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Thailand pay-TV suffering massive piracy

November 21, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Thailand viewers are enjoying pay-TV, but many are seemingly not paying for the service. A report from AVIA (Asia Video Industry Association) and gathered by market research company YouGov, says some 45 per cent of so-called pay-TV subscribers are actually watching via a pirate box or on-line pirate App.

AVIA says that ‘Illicit Streaming Devices’ (ISDs, going by the names of Mango TV, HD Playbox or U-Play) are the most popular pirate services.

The study says that of the 45 per cent who had bought one of these pay-TV Illicit devices, more that two-thirds had cancelled ‘full price’ conventional pay-TV subscriptions.

Almost as bad is the fact that one third of the ISD users had bought their illegal device through a social media site – which the report did not name.

Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce is reportedly drafting amendments to its existing Copyright Acts in order to make it illegal to use these devices/Apps.

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