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Finland’s DNA adds Viaplay

December 3, 2018

DNA will add the Viaplay streaming service to all Viasat channel packages. The service becomes part of both current and future Viasat channel package subscriptions without extra cost. Content in the Viaplay service depends on the channel package.
DNA will also be the first operator in Finland to offer Viaplay as a separate subscription. DNA offers all three Viaplay packages: Viaplay (Movies & TV Shows), Viaplay Sport and Viaplay Total.
Viaplay is the leading streaming service for TV shows, movies, sports and children’s shows in the Nordic countries. Viaplay offers world-class entertainment for a variety of platforms and devices. All sports content on Viaplay is available for 48 hours after the broadcast, allowing late-night matches in the NHL and other leagues to be watched later at a more suitable time. In addition, Viaplay offers more simultaneous sports broadcasts than can be shown on the Viasat channels.
“Our aim is to provide the widest possible range of content services to our customers, and Viaplay meets this need very well. Based on the Android TV OS, the DNA Hubi makes it super easy to view Viaplay content on the big TV screen. Viaplay offers a great deal of new content for subscribers, in addition to Viasat channel packages,” says Mikko Saarentaus, Director, Entertainment Business at DNA.
“The consumption of media content is increasingly shifting to streaming services. While they do not replace traditional TV viewing, they complement it effectively. Practically all households in Finland are customers of one operator or another, either through a TV, broadband or phone subscription. We believe that in cooperation with DNA, we are able to bring Viaplay easily accessible to a wider audience. To us, it is crucial that ordering, setting up and using the service is as simple and effortless to customers as possible. For this reason, it is natural for us to continue our close cooperation with operators,” says Mathias Norrback, CEO of Nordic Entertainment Group Finland Oy.
In particular, sports content is typically viewed on live TV, while shows and movies are watched at a time that best suits the viewers, such as in binge-watching an entire season in one sitting.
According to a DNA study *), the need to access all TV content in one place is seen in all age groups and particularly among young people: Over 70% of people aged 15-24 want to access all movies, TV shows, sports broadcasts and other programmes easily from one place. Around half of respondents felt that it was important that applications available for mobile devices could also be used on the big TV screen. ´
All TV services offered by DNA are easily accessible in the DNA TV menu, and with DNA Hubi viewers can enjoy them on their big TV screen. The DNA TV mobile app allows content to be watched on a phone or tablet anywhere in the EU.

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