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NENT Group launches Viaplay TV in Finland

October 22, 2018

Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT) has launched Viaplay TV for its customers in Finland. Viaplay TV enables subscribers to watch 15+ TV channels through Viaplay. NENT Group already offers its own free TV channels on Viaplay in Norway and Sweden.

TV channels now available on Viaplay in Finland include YLE TV1, YLE TV2, YLE Teema & Fem, MTV3, Sub, TV5, Kutonen, TLC, FOX, AVA, Frii, National Geographic, Discovery, Euronews, MTV and Eurosport 1. Viaplay TV customers will have to pay €5 per month on top of their existing Viaplay subscription for the enhanced service.

Anders Jensen, NENT Group President and CEO: “Viaplay TV is NENT in a nutshell – constantly innovating to deliver an even broader and better experience. We were the first in the Nordic region to launch a full streaming service, then the first to add linear TV channels, and now we’re meeting viewers’ demands in Finland for an even more comprehensive service that seamlessly integrates streaming and channel offerings. Today’s launch highlights both our industry leadership and Viaplay’s position as home to the most compelling content from the Nordic region and beyond.”

NENT Group recently announced that Viaplay will be compatible with Google Home and Google Home Mini when they arrive in stores across Scandinavia on 24 October. Google Home is the first ever smart speaker to respond to voice instructions in the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish languages.

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