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Strive partnership with Muvi

March 6, 2019

Strive has announce its official partnership with another top-player in the US OTT industry. With Muvi, Strive is continuing the expansion of its partnership network. Strive sees a stronger adoption of WebRTC and Peer-To-Peer video delivery in the OTT broadcasting and enterprise video market. Thanks to Muvi, Strive is now able to provide its service within one of the most advanced end-to-end OTT solutions on the market.

Enabling Unlimited OTT Broadcasting Capacity With Flink OTT

As a new partner of MUVI, Strive offers pre-built integrations with MUVI’s end-to-end OTT suite and Strive’s WebRTC-based video delivery network Flink OTT.

Flink OTT automatically integrates with MUVI’s services to profoundly reduce the amount of required CDN traffic. The technology can also be used to improve live video QoE. Strive uses intelligent Peer-To-Peer technology to distribute linear video content around the entire globe. Thus, Flink OTT reduces bandwidth requirements by about 80% and enables broadcasting companies to provide TV-grade video experience to their audience.

Powering MUVI’s Services With Advanced P2P Video Delivery Technology

As an end-to-end OTT suite, Muvi enables their customers to manage their entire OTT workflow within a single platform. From CMS, business model, distribution to player selection, advertisement, and integration. Muvi offers all services from a single management platform. With Strive as a technology partner, Muvi can now add WebRTC to their portfolio of supported technologies and enable broadcasters to unlock new network resources that solve the problem of scalability and streaming reliability.

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