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Qvest Media partnership with Avid for integration in Microsoft Azure

April 6, 2019

Qvest Media, a systems architect and ICT integrator, today announced the expansion of its long-standing partnership with Avid, a technology provider that powers the media and entertainment industry, to become an Avid Certified Cloud Partner for use in Microsoft Azure.

Greater competitiveness through cost-efficiency, global collaborative work, and scalable production capacities: Qvest Media and Avid bundle their cloud strategies, so that clients of both companies benefit from even easier and more flexible access to cloud applications. A ready-to-use post production infrastructure, based on virtualized Avid | NEXIS® storage systems that runs on Microsoft Azure, will be made available for Avid users. Avid’s Media Composer® software will be available using flexible deployment offerings. Qvest Media is authorized to perform the necessary license management for required Avid products. Additionally, required bandwidth, storage space and editing capacities will be calculated based on usage. News editors, cutters and video artists will be able to access and edit their media assets from a browser anywhere in the world.

“Avid is a leading provider of creative tools and solutions for media professionals. We are excited to step up our collaboration with Avid to help its customers to leverage the cloud,” said Thomas Müller, Qvest Media CTO.

“Working with Qvest Media, Avid will ensure that the media and entertainment community can capitalize on the cloud with workflows that achieve greater efficiency and collaboration to deliver their best work,” said David Colantuoni, Vice President of Product Management, Avid.

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