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Lost Intelsat IS-29e is breaking up

April 15, 2019

By Chris Forrester

There’s now compelling evidence that Intelsat’s mid-Atlantic IS-29e satellite suffered a major problem. Intelsat has already recognised it suffered a service outage on the craft and shifted clients to other nearby satellites.

On April 7th the satellite suffered a leak of propellant, and the following day Intelsat’s ground engineers continued in their attempt to restore communications with the satellite.

However, video footage taken by specialists at ExoAnalytic Solutions, in comparing and contrasting footage taken prior to April 11th and afterwards shows what can only be described as an ‘extreme anomaly’ occurred on April 11th, and which has now been identified as debris scattered around the satellite.

ExoAnalytic also said that IS-29e was drifting Eastwards at about 0.5 degrees per day. After the April 11th incident the drift had increased to 1 degree a day.  Worryingly the drift is in the direct path of nearby satellites in the geostationary orbital arc.

Boeing Satellite built the craft which is just 3 years old.

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