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Turkey and Argentina to build joint satellite

May 20, 2019

By Chris Forrester

Turkish Aerospace and Argentina’s INVAP have formed a strategic alliance to develop a new geostationary satellite.

INVAP is a well-regarded business with some 1300 staff. IT was the first company in Latin America to achieve certification from NASA. It constructs satellite payloads and ground stations.

The pair’s statement said that INVAP has been working to establish a strategic partnership with the company Turkish Aerospace. “In this respect, a common goal is the development of a new satellite series to enter in a competitive way into the international market of low-weight and high-performance telecommunication satellites.”

They have co-created GSATCOM Space Technologies Inc. “With this initiative we hope to capture new markets and continue with the development of the satellite industry in our country,” said the statement.

The plan is to build a new line of small, all-electric geostationary communication satellites, with the intention of building the pair’s presence in the international market. INVAP’s credentials are solid. It built Argentina’s ARSAT-1 and ARSAT-2 telecommunications craft. Turkish Aerospace is involved in the development of Turkey’s first domestically produced satellite, Turksat-6A, and is handling assembly, integration and testing tasks on the satellite.

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