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Survey: 46% disappointed with GoT finale

May 21, 2019

Television tracking app TV Time polled fans who watched the Game of Thrones finale and 46 per cent said they were disappointed with the way the series ended. More than 32,000 fans voted in the TV Time app following the finale.

The survey results show only 10 per cent describe themselves as “very satisfied,” while 14 per cent went for “pretty satisfied,” and 30 per cent selected “somewhat satisfied.” The remaining 46 per cent went with “disappointed.”

The entire final season (which consisted of just 6 episodes) has been met with general negativity across the internet. Fans have been enraged by the sudden speeding up of the show’s plotlines – a show that traditionally unfolded its complex storylines in a slow and calculated manner – and also by the seemingly uncharacteristic actions of lead characters.

It seems Game of Thrones is destoned to join the likes of LOST, Seinfeld and Dexter in being a beloved show that offered a finale that most of its fanbase loathed.

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