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Truespeed to offer 10Gbps-capable FTTH

June 17, 2019

Claiming a UK first, full fibre infrastructure provider and ISP Truespeed will start offering residential customers a future-proof, Active Ethernet 10Gbps-capable full fibre service later in 2019.

Unlike 10Gbps PON-based networks where the fibre-optic beam is split between customers on a segment of the network causing contention, Truespeed’s Active Ethernet network delivers a dedicated 10Gbps link to every individual customer, maximising throughput.

Truespeed has just completed a small pilot deployment with the new 10Gbps-capable residential fibre Ethernet switch from Danish vendor DKT A/S and plans to offer it to residential customers alongside the current 1Gbps box.

Truespeed’s data centre-grade, Active Ethernet network is already 10Gbps-capable, with all customers already connected to a 10G SFP+ port as standard in every cabinet. To offer an equivalent service, other FTTP providers would first need to upgrade the 1Gbps customer-facing ports in their cabinets to support 10Gbps.

The new 10Gbps network termination equipment (NTE) will give Truespeed customers what the provider claims is a highly reliable, high-perfomance, ultrafast broadband connection that will last for generations. Truespeed already offers residential customers in the rural South-West connection speeds of between 100Mbps and 1Gbps and has plans to expand beyond this region over time.

The 10Gbps-capable residential fibre Ethernet switch will give Truespeed consumers the ability to accelerate over broadband speed bumps ten times faster than is possible with a 1Gbps switch – in much the same way that a sports car can accelerate in busy traffic into a gap on the road ahead, saving precious seconds. This lower latency leads to a more responsive experience in applications such as video streaming, and gaming.

“Our full fibre network was built to be future-proof by design with all customers connected to a 10Gbps-capable port in every cabinet as standard. Offering a 10Gbps box for residential customers was always part of the plan and is a natural next step. The 10G NTE pilot went perfectly and we are now looking forward to offering residential customers speeds of up to 10Gbps before the end of the year, giving them the ultimate in high-performance, highly-reliable full fibre connectivity that will satisfy their bandwidth needs for decades,” said Josef Karthauser, CTO of Truespeed.

DKT A/S is a Danish manufacturer that has been supplying the broadband industry with innovative products for more than 40 years.

Truespeed is focused initially on connecting communities and businesses located in harder to reach areas of the South-West underserved by the national broadband providers. The firm’s community ethos also extends to providing free broadband for life to local community hubs such as rural schools and village halls passed by its network.

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