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Wi-Fi Alliance introduces Wi-Fi Certified Data Elements

June 26, 2019

Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced Wi-Fi Certified Data Elements, bringing a standardised approach to Wi-Fi network diagnostic data collection that enables service providers better visibility into Wi-Fi networks to enhance the quality of service delivered to customers.

The certification programme captures and delivers key data on Wi-Fi network performance that assists service provider diagnostic capabilities, enabling better maintenance of customers’ Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi Data Elements provides key data to assist in Wi-Fi troubleshooting, bringing faster resolution of network issues to improve customer satisfaction on Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Data Elements establishes a standardised model for delivering 130 Wi-Fi specific key network performance indicators such as the speed data moves across a wireless network, airtime necessary for devices to perform as expected, and retry rates between a Wi-Fi device and an access point. This consistent approach to data collection feeds directly into service provider’s diagnostic tools, helping them better understand customers’ Wi-Fi network conditions, more rapidly obtain and analyse data, and more efficiently respond to customer issues in dynamic Wi-Fi environments.

“Wi-Fi networks have gained complexity due to the number and types of connected devices,” said Kevin Robinson, VP of Marketing, Wi-Fi Alliance. “Wi-Fi Data Elements provides greater insight into Wi-Fi network behaviour so that service providers more quickly diagnose issues and deliver better customer service, even as Wi-Fi user device types and numbers increase.”

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