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Sandvine transforms customer experience management with Real-Time Application & Subscriber QoE

July 24, 2019

Sandvine, a provider of network intelligence solutions, has announced support for a new use case, Real-Time Subscriber Insights, a transformational solution for customer experience management (CEM) and service assurance segments of the network intelligence market. This rich use case is part of the Analytics solution vertical in Sandvine’s portfolio, targeted towards service operations centres, CEM teams, as well as network operations, engineering, and customer care teams at network operators.

As an integral part of Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence Portal, Real-Time Subscriber Insights provides a 360 degree view of the subscriber perception. It provides crucial intelligence, including application utilization with key performance indicators (KPIs), speed tests being run to indicate poor experience, devices being used, the service plan the subscriber is on, along with location, all in a user-friendly interactive portal, enabling swift actions to fix any potential technical, commercial, and perception issues. Increasing application sophistication and hybrid network technologies are creating quality of experience (QoE)-related network problems, which network and service operations and customer care teams are struggling to respond to in a way that meets consumer satisfaction levels.

“Consumer perception of QoE is far more sophisticated and nuanced on networks today, and even most sophisticated operators require new levels of visibility into subscriber perception that cannot be delivered with the level of granularity and accuracy needed with existing systems,” said Lyn Cantor, President and CEO of Sandvine. “The unique combination of best service classification, QoE, and analytics capabilities has allowed us to enable operators to focus on their subscribers in the most differentiated way with this ground-breaking capability and consolidate spending on multiple one-off solutions.”

This use case enables executives to cut through different silos and empower cross-functional teams to focus on subscribers. Using Sandvine’s ScoreCard technology, QoE KPIs reveal how well applications are performing and rate the network’s QoE for specific users based on sophisticated KPIs. These KPIs provide visibility into specific user attributes – location, device, service plan, and applications – to give cross-functional teams within an operator a comprehensive view of a user’s experience. Real-Time Subscriber Insights also gives escalation teams a powerful root cause analysis data source as an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be leveraged across multiple networks and systems.

Ultimately, this solution is designed to help network operators save operational costs by reducing the number of incoming support calls through proactive problem resolution, dramatically shortening the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) for subscriber incidents, decreasing problem identification times for callers with the same issue, avoiding unnecessary call escalations to expensive engineering resources, and adding context to the specific services responsible for poor network experience.

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