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FCC will adopt “main lines” of CBA proposal

August 7, 2019

By Chris Forrester

A comprehensive review of the US C-band segment and its restructuring prospects has been issued by Northern Sky Research (C-Band Repurposing for 5G: Impacts and Analysis). The NSR report suggests that the upcoming Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision on the proposed realignment of 180 MHz of spectrum will be mostly favourable.

NSR says that following the first tranche of cleared spectrum, a second tranche would be cleared for auction by 2025.

“While initial requests call for 200 MHz of C-band reallocation in the US, NSR estimates that spectrum repurposed could go beyond this amount, generating a large windfall for the C-band Alliance (CBA) in the next 10 years. Given the current legal framework, the urgent need for spectrum, and the detailed implementation plan protecting current C-Band users, it’s highly probable that the FCC will adopt the CBA’s proposal, at least along the main lines.”

NSR Senior Analyst and report co-author Gagan Agrawal adds “when the dust has settled, the proceeds from spectrum repurposing will certainly boost the coffers of CBA members, specifically Intelsat and SES – Given both companies high market share in leased C-band capacity.”

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