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VSN and Object Matrix workflow partnership

August 13, 2019

Object Matrix and VSN have announced that MatrixStore, the award-winning object storage solution is now integrated with VSN’s media management and workflow automation platform, VSNExplorer.

VSNExplorer is a scalable, modular and easily integrated platform that has been specifically designed to meet the highest content management demands in the broadcast and media industry.

MatrixStore is a media focused private and hybrid cloud solution that was built on object storage technology from Object Matrix. It allows media companies to keep content secure and protected, whilst ensuring easy access and discoverability at all times.

Together using MatrixStore’s powerful Samba interface, VSNExplorer MAM can seamlessly scan and use MatrixStore vaults for content preservation and storing, meaning content can also be retrieved whenever it is needed. This joint solution has already been implemented for a customer in South America that needed to securely manage and store all of its media files.

Nick Pearce-Tomenius, Sales and Marketing Director commented: “As the demands on media and broadcast companies increase, the workflows become more complex than ever before. Enabling seamless, integrated workflows is key to helping our customers continue to access, modernize and monetize their valuable content.”

Patricia Corral, Marketing Director, VSN, added: “Our customers are increasingly looking for ways to monetize their archive. Being able to easily and quickly discover items within the archive thanks to a joint solution like this is crucial to enabling them to do that.”

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