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C4 broadcasts World Chase Tag

August 22, 2019

Channel 4 has revealed it will be bringing coverage of the World Chase Tag to its viewers. The 2019 World Chase Tag Championships will be held in London later this month and Channel 4 will broadcast highlights of the event.

The sport is based on the simple playground game of ‘tag’ but its reinvention has become a huge online hit securing millions of views. The game consists of two people – one chaser and one evader – in an arena with various obstacles which players can use to evade being tagged by their chaser. The chaser has 20 seconds to catch their opponent and prevent them from scoring a point.

Invented by brothers Christian and Damien Devaux, the sport began in earnest in 2016 and has quickly built a cult following. The World Chase Tag governing body oversees the game which involves professional parkour athletes and free runners in Asia, Europe and the US.

This 4th World Championships event (WCT4) takes place at York Hall, in Bethnal Green, on August 24th. Sunset+Vine will be producing highlights of the event which will be presented by Vick Hope and broadcast on Channel 4 a couple of weeks after the event.

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