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Net Insight launches Nimbra 400 series

September 4, 2019

Net Insight has announced the next generation of its Emmy Award-winning internet media transport offering, the Nimbra 400 series. The new product line is a response to the increasing demand for live media internet transport for premium applications.

Professional media transport over the internet has transformed the broadcast industry over the past decade, enabling broadcasters and service providers to reach new locations faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before. This rapidly growing market segment, driven by technology shifts such as increased use of cloud resources, as well as regulatory shifts such as refarming of the C-band, is now estimated by IABM to 66 MUSD annually with a yearly growth of 22%.

With internet transport expanding further into premium live media workflows, broadcasters now start to blend fiber and internet in the same workflows. This puts increased expectations on both reliability and seamless cross-platform management.

Nimbra 400 has been designed from the ground up to meet these new challenging performance and quality requirements, leveraging Net Insight’s more than 20 years of experience in building high-end media equipment. At the same time, with its flexible x86 COTS building practices and software-based architecture the Nimbra 400 series give users true flexibility.

“When we launched our internet transport products back in 2012, we had a clear software-first mindset, which has allowed us to bring new features to market at an incredible pace,” says Love Thyresson, Head of Internet Media Transport at Net Insight. “I’m proud to say, the Nimbra 400 series is the perfect balance of high-end media gear and a flexible virtualized platform.”

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