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Roku expands TV licensing programme into Europe

September 9, 2019

Roku is further expanding the Roku TV licensing programme to Europe.

Hisense is the first European Roku TV partner and is expected to launch Roku TV models in the UK later this autumn. TV makers can license Roku TV reference designs and use the Roku OS to quickly build leading smart TVs.

Roku TV was first introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2014, and today 100+ models are available from 10+ brands in North America. Roku estimates that in the first half of 2019 more than one-in-three smart TVs sold in the US were Roku TVs, making the Roku OS the #1 selling smart TV OS in the US.

“While consumers love the simplicity, advanced features and price competitiveness of Roku TV, manufacturers recognise that it is a superior smart TV solution. Most, if not all, TV OEMs will eventually license a TV OS. Creating an easy-to-use consumer experience that is packed with entertainment gives an edge to TV manufacturers. Maintaining, or even improving it over the years makes it even better,” said Roku CEO and Founder Anthony Wood. “Unlike other TV operating systems, the Roku OS is built specifically for TV and keeps adding functionality and new entertainment over time. Roku TV enables TV manufacturers to offer consumers a better and always up-to-date entertainment experience and we are pleased to announce bringing new options to European markets.”

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