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Eurodata TV Worldwide now Glance

October 2, 2019

Eurodata TV Worldwide, a provider of TV audience ratings across Europe, has announced that henceforth it will be known as Glance.

“Eurodata TV Worldwide is now called Glance, which stands for Global Audience & Content Evolution,” stated Frédéric Vaulpré, Vice-President of Eurodata TV, during a conference held in London. “We have achieved this transformation by enriching our activities over the years in line with changes in the TV and video ecosystem internationally.”

Frédéric Vaulpré, Director, added: “Who would have believed just a few years ago that the programming market would become internationalised to this extent? Who would have bet on the export and success of Danish, Turkish, Russian and Korean programmes throughout the world, far away from the territories where they are favourites, including on the American market? We had identified underlying trends in our analyses, and our role now is to guide our clients – television channels, studios, producers, distributors or right-holders – and to assist them with their decision-making. Set against this increasingly complex and internationalised backdrop, the name Glance, or Global Audience & Content Evolution, perfectly reflects our purpose and our mission: to rise to the new challenges of a market that has entered a new dynamic. Although the data itself is still just as vital, our activity now, more than ever, revolves around analysing data, putting it into perspective and understanding the factors behind any changes in it.”

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