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Brightcove launches SaaS-based OTT platform

October 31, 2019

Brightcove, a provider of cloud services for video, has announced the general availability of Brightcove Beacon, its new SaaS-based OTT platform. Brightcove Beacon empowers customers to deliver OTT experiences on a breadth of devices, with the flexibility of multiple monetisation models to fit any business need.

As consumers continue to shift their viewing habits, broadcasters, content owners, and pay-TV providers are seeking new business models and technology in an effort to stay relevant to their audiences. The continuously expanding list of viewing devices is a challenge for many content owners, and Brightcove Beacon addresses this by allowing customers to launch content to multiple platforms simultaneously. Additionally, with multiple paths to monetisation, including advertising, subscription, freemium, and authentication models, Brightcove Beacon helps customers to launch and monetise video content across mobile, web, connected TV, and smart TV all from one platform.

“We are excited to see our customers launch content quickly and easily across devices and platforms with Brightcove Beacon,” said Charles Chu, Chief Product Officer, Brightcove. “The OTT landscape is evolving and isn’t a one size fits all category anymore; viewers have increased expectations and appetites for watching videos while consuming content on a growing list of devices. Brightcove Beacon helps customers reach new viewers across more devices and expand their ability to protect and monetize their video content. For TN Marketing, Pelmorex, and CBN, Brightcove Beacon is the flexible platform that fits their needs and we are thrilled to partner with all three companies as they work to expand reach, monetize, scale, and get to market quickly with new apps.”

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