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Cellnex acquires 1,500 Orange towers in Spain

December 4, 2019

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spain’s largest broadcasting agency, Cellnex Telecom, has reached an agreement with Orange to acquire its 1,500 telecommunication sites for €260 million.

The move sees Cellnex strengthens its position in Spain given that the towers and antennas are located in urban, suburban and rural areas across the country.

Cellnex and Orange Spain have also signed an initial 10-year contract — that can be extended by a subsequent period of 10 years and several one-year periods – under the terms of which Orange Spain will continue to use the sites that will be operated by Cellnex, placing its voice and data signal transmission equipment in them.

According to Alex Mestre, Global Business Director at Cellnex Telecom, the development sees Cellnex not only reinforce its position in Spain as an independent telecommunications infrastructure operator, but also consolidates its relationship with Orange as one of the key clients of the group with which it had already been working in Spain as well as France.

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