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Rockbot launches OTT platform for businesses

December 5, 2019

Rockbot has launched a multi-channel streaming TV platform designed for US businesses; from stand-alone, local businesses to the nation’s largest multi-location brands. Rockbot TV is an OTT-delivered platform that provides a number of customisable tools and features for businesses to use to create the optimal experience for their customers.

With backing from investors that include Google Ventures and Universal Music Group, Rockbot has a successful track record of providing streaming media services to such nationwide businesses as Panera Bread, Anytime Fitness and Neiman Marcus. Now, for the first time, the company is providing businesses with an alternative to the consumer and resisdential-focused services provided by legacy pay-TV providers.

“Millions of consumers watch TV out of home each year. Nielsen estimates that 11 per cent of sports viewership alone takes place out of the home (OOH). Rockbot TV is the first OTT platform targeting this $4 billion industry,” said Garrett Dodge, CEO of Rockbot. “Until now, businesses had no alternative than to use cable and satellite TV platforms designed for residential consumer use. Rockbot TV has the technology and toolset designed for the needs of businesses and the content designed specifically to engage their customers.”

“At Outside TV, we strive to be everywhere our active viewers are watching content. Being available on Rockbot’s new multichannel streaming platform provides us with the opportunity to continue to build our video brand while also showcasing our visually engaging content,” added Dennis Gillespie, Head of Distribution, Outside TV.

Among the features Rockbot TV offers businesses are automatic daily scheduling that allows business owners to optimise the TV experience for customers throughout the day, centralised control and management of any number of locations, the ability to add marketing and branding to the venue’s TV experience, and more.

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