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VideoAmp partners with TiVo

December 17, 2019

To further advance its practice of commingling TV viewership data from Smart TVs (ACR) with the same from cable and satellite set-top boxes, VideoAmp is partnering with TiVo. The expanded data set extends VideoAmp’s TV Viewership data pool to cover 25 million devices in 19 million US households and gives marketers and media owners cross-screen media planning, measurement, and optimisation capabilities, bolstered by device-level viewership data and audience insights from participating multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), TV and DVR manufacturers.

VideoAmp uses commingled TV Viewership data to map households to privacy-protected digital identity and advertising exposure data to model a nationwide, cross-screen audience that brings new transparency, liquidity, and accountability to the media and marketing ecosystem. For marketers, this makes it easy to effectively target, engage, and measure in-market audiences across all TV, OTT and video screens. For media owners, this makes it easy to analyse, package, and price audiences more effectively, with the promise to ultimately optimize yield across screens holistically.

“This new relationship with TiVo will allow our data to cover a huge number of households and devices, giving marketers and media owners the opportunity to leverage this crucial insight as they come under increased pressure to show value for marketing dollars,” said Randy Laughlin, SVP Business Development at VideoAmp.

“We are excited to be working with VideoAmp to help pioneer the future of television and cross-screen video advertising,” said Walt Horstman, SVP/GM Data and Advertising, TiVo. “We believe our nationally-representative and highly-accurate viewership data enables unified planning, activation and measurement for marketers and media owners alike. Together, we hope to dramatically improve the advertising experience for consumers across all screens.”

“Historic data sets assume that there is only one TV in each household, which is no longer the case, and gives marketers an inaccurate picture of consumer behaviour,” continues Laughlin. “With consumers accessing content on a variety of devices in different rooms, commingling the data from a variety of sources – including TiVo – allows us to see where the data overlaps and identify individual devices to understand what viewership really looks like.”

“CIMM has long supported integration of Set-top Box data with Smart TV data to enable a more holistic view of the television audience universe and mitigate the limitations inherent in both data sets by combining the two,” says Jane Clarke, CEO and MD of The Coalition For Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM). “We welcome the efforts by VideoAmp to advance such integration and help bring media buyers and sellers a step closer to the larger and more complete data samples needed for true cross-platform measurement.”


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