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BBC Three confirms West Ham United women docu-series

January 4, 2020

After a successful first season (under the title Britain’s Youngest Football Boss), BBC Three returns to east London to follow the fortunes of West Ham United women’s team, in Squad Goals: West Ham United Women (working title).

With record audiences for the Women’s World Cup earlier this last summer, women’s football is booming and attendances are rising. BBC Three has ordered commissioned another series from Curious Films to continue the grass roots story of 20 year-old MD Jack Sullivan and his team of top-flight players, as they compete in the 2019/20 Women’s Super League.

Following the ups and downs of West Ham United women the team over the course of their season, the series will see a returning cast of much-loved characters, as well as new signings, as the focus shifts more on to the players, both their lives away from the game and the pressures on the pitch, to show what it takes to be a professional women’s footballer today.

Fiona Campbell, Controller, BBC Three, said: “We’re really happy that we are able to follow West Ham United women for another season and continue tackling the multiple dynamics of a high-performance team. With great access to stories from inspirational young women across the series, it offers the perfect ingredients for what we’re after at BBC Three.”

Dov Freedman adds: “Since we started this journey with West Ham United women nearly 18 months ago, the interest in the women’s game has just exploded, and we are thrilled that we are continuing to tell their story.”

The 6 x 30 series was commissioned by Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three and the BBC Commissioning Executive is Michael Jochnowitz. Curious Founders, Dov Freedman & Charlie Russell are the Executive Producers.

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