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RT hits 10bn views on YouTube

January 29, 2020

RT (formerly Russia Today) is the #1 most-watched TV news network on YouTube, with a record-setting 10 billion views as well as more than 16 million subscribers. The total number of views from across RT’s channels on YouTube has put the network ahead of all the news channels of the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Euronews, Fox News and others.

Some of the most viral RT video content over the last year has been the network’s coverage of the Gilets Jaunes protests in France. RT journalists have reported on the ‘yellow vest’ movement since the first day of protests, often streaming live from the centre of the clashes between protestors and police.

In 2019, RT’s video news agency Ruptly was the only outlet to capture exclusive footage of Julian Assange’s arrest as the WikiLeaks founder was evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy and taken by the London police.

In 2007, RT was the first Russian TV network to begin posting its content on YouTube, and in 2013 it became the world’s first news network to reach one billion views. “To establish such a connection with the audience and attract viewers so that they come back to you again and again so as to hit a billion views — that’s a remarkable achievement,” said the then-Google VP and Head of Content for YouTube Robert Kyncl.

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