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UKTV’s Dave on TikTok

January 29, 2020

UKTV’s comedy channel Dave has launched a TikTok account and partnered with marketing agency Fanbytes to deliver its first campaign.

Fanbytes will work with its network of influencers to create a content challenge for the launch of Hypothetical, Dave’s panel show hosted by James Acaster and Josh Widdicombe where comedians are posed absurd hypothetical situations and scored on how well they would deal with them.

The campaign will see influencers on TikTok undertake a series of challenges similar to those in the show. They’ll be separated into two groups – the challenge setters and the challenge takers. The challenge setters will set a hypothetical challenge to the challenge takers and the aim is to drive user generated content and audience participation.

Simon Michaelides, UKTV’s Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer (CMIO), said: “The rapid growth of TikTok with its engaged community of creators is perfect for Dave to both connect to audiences and work with up and coming comedy influencers. We’re excited to partner with Fanbytes and look forward to bringing Dave’s unique brand of comedy to life on TikTok. Dave has seen phenomenal growth on social, successfully building a loyal and engaged following of young adults. TikTok represents an exciting opportunity to increase Dave’s reach even further and to innovate creatively in short form content.”

Fanbytes CEO, Timothy Armoo, added: “Dave has constantly been a symbol of innovative advertising – whether it’s their print ads or irreverent tube advertising! It’s an honour to help them dominate TikTok and supercharge their innovation and growth on a platform so many other brands are slow to engage with.”

The TikTok campaign is part of an extensive marketing, PR and social campaign to launch Hypothetical, which includes TV and broadcaster VoD alongside AV digital activity on YouTube and Twitch.

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