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Premier League facing £750m broadcast row

March 19, 2020

The Premier League clubs could soon find itself in a fight with its broadcasters. Following the Premier League suspensions news (no games until at least April 30th), broadcasters could look to impose a fine on the clubs in the league if the season does not conclude on time.

The delays and uncertainties over when the season can resume leaves clubs facing the prospect of breaching their agreement with the Premier League broadcasters. However, it still remains to be seen whether the Premier League broadcasters will look to enter into a legal battle against the clubs to recoup some of their money.

The current Premier League broadcasters’ package is worth £3 billion (€3.23bn) over three seasons, for the 190 Premier League games in a season, Sky Sports have the rights to air 128 live matches while BT Sport can screen 52. However, there is a chance that the Premier League TV ratings could take a hit if the Premier League broadcasters make a decision to fine the Premier League clubs for not finishing the season before July 31st as stated in the agreement.

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