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Samsung stops LCD production

April 3, 2020

By Chris Forrester

South Korean electronics giant Samsung is switching its TV production to OLED and QD-based panels, and will cease producing LCD screens by the end of this year.

Samsung’s Display division is currently upgrading its production lines as it had announced last October, but the previous comments from Samsung made no mention of dropping LCD output. At that time Samsung talked of over-production of LCD displays along with falling consumer demand for LCD TVs.

The statement last October talked of an investment of $10.7 billion in the new production lines.

However, the news that it will focus on its Quantum Dot (QD) panels as well as OLED is seen as a move to maintain its lead in what are called ‘blue light’ panels (whereas OLED is frequently referred to as ‘white light’ panels, hence their brightness).

Also reportedly in the production mix will be flexible OLEDs which Samsung sees as having interesting applications.

Rival LG has already said that it will cease LCD production by the end of this year.

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